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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Custom Fire Truck.

So "The Workshop" hosted another build-off last month.  This time the theme was Fire Trucks!  Here's my entry for the build.  Turned out nice and I learned some new tricks in the process.  Getting more comfortable in this "medium" and the cool part is I'm learning some neat things I can apply in my metals classes.  I leave bits and pieces of builds on my desk at school during the week and I've had a couple of students ask about them- some are interested in trying their own builds and it gives me an opportunity to not only show hands on working skills but also a LOT of different problem solving ideas.

My starter pic.  Wasn't really sure where I was going at this point so I kept my options open.

Eventually I decided I had to go with the Ford.  First step was to drop the front as low as it could go.

Then try and figure out how to make it loooonnngg.

Ended up combining a base with the overall body of the truck. 

Fenders.  This was tricky but they turned out pretty nice.  Wanted to completely enclose them- old fashioned skirt style- but that didn't work out.

"Water Tank".  Again, something new.  Forming the curve was a challenge.

Ladder time!  Most expensive part of the truck.  Had to buy a whole roll of wire.

Ladder mount and some more cleanup.  We added a friendly competition halfway through the build to see whose ladder was longest / tallest.  Mine missed by 1/4"...

Bolt is attached to the ladder pivot, the nut is attached to the base, allowing the ladder to swivel and raise.

Time to clean up the cab!

Paint and assembly.  Should have used some better paint, but this deeper red made me feel more "vintage" so I went with it.

Custom skirts made with chrome pin stripping tape.

Test fitting.


Ladder tilt.

Hose reel.

Cab detailing. Windshield wipers were a booger to do.

Single stack.

Ladder assembly.

Stock vs. Lowered.

Decals and more assembly.

Few more pics of it, then we can move on to the next project.

And there you have it, "ENGINE" 7.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dan's Chariot IN ACTION!!!

I finally have proof that the trailer I built works!  It's been used a bit and sounds like its working out well.

Dan, ready to go.

On the road.

They said they've put around 30 miles on it and love it. Glad its working out for them!

Some video of it in action:

Love watching him cruse. Hope they get a lot of use out of it!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

I've hit the BIG TIME!

I entered my Worlds Smallest Flying Merkel in the Eastern Idaho State Fair, and hit the jackpot!  Took "Second Premium", whatever that means...  Apparently, it comes with a monetary reward, although I don't know what I'll do with all this money! 

In other news, I've managed to survive the first week back to school.  Shaping up to be a decent, albeit extremely busy, year.  Hoping I manage to survive it!