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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good Tools-

Good tools are hard to find.  Well, not really, but good tools are reeealllly expensive.  About 12 years ago, when my wife and I were first married, I found a set of Crescent brand tools at Sams club on the clearance rack.  Keep in mind, we were both poor starving students, one about to start student teaching and the other about to have a baby (can you figure out which was me?!). We talked about it and ended up "investing" in the set, which had your basic 3 ratchets, matching metric and standard sockets, a couple of wrenches, some allen wrenches, smaller bits and accompanying driver, and 4 screw drivers.

Fast forward 12 years.  They've been used and abused, and it shows.  This poor screwdriver couldn't take it anymore, and today gave its life while tightening a stunt peg on my son's new bicycle.  You can tell just by looking at the handle what kind of life its had.  I don't even remember when it lost part of its "tooth"- think it was maybe 3 years ago.  Still worked great 

I can't tell you how many things this screwdriver has fixed over the years.  Maybe I should cut into the handle and see if I cant weld it back together.  Course, that would void the warranty.  Wonder how I go about collecting on that!?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Big bucks for our Library

So last year our school librarian and a few other teachers organized a big shindig to compete for a LARGE chunk of money. Check it out here:


and be sure to VOTE!!! You can vote once a day PER email address...

The Follet Challenge awards $200,000 to participating schools. I think the grand prize is something like $60,000- I can't tell you what we could do in our library with that money- considering I think she gets a lot less than a grand a year.  
The project involved every single student in the building.  Our ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher and students were studying the book Treasure Island.  They involved the entire school in research about various islands, the foods classes cooked a "pirate" themed meal complete with hard tack, the woods classes build treasure chests, my classes built Rain Gutter Regatta's  , and everyone had a grand old time.  Check out the video, and help us out by VOTING!  Every day, every email you've got!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Speedy Delivery!

Wow, that was FAST.  My Donor's Choose project was funded just a few days ago, and the vices showed up yesterday.  So glad I can get the old ones out of the way.  We have still been using them as anvils, and I've been worried that the one would just fall off the table.  Could do some damage to a foot if that were to happen.  Don't have to worry about that anymore!

They're a little smaller than the old ones because I basically just picked the cheapest ones I could find.  If I'd known that I would have so much support, I would have tried to get some fancier ones.  These'll do great though, glad we got 'em!