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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rescue mission part 2

The other lucky survivors. Might not look like much, but I dumped gas in the little blue one and it ran. The three wheeler is a different story- Hoping I can use parts off of the motor in my '78 CR250 to make it street legal. For some reason lights seem to be a requirement. Other than that, if it has a motor and makes noise, the loverly State of Idaho is happy to take your money in exchange for a plate.


annie said...

Nice pictures! Just so you know your template covers the first picture posted...hmmm...I don't know exactly how to explain that. But if you can get a wider template that would probably help. :) Sorry if I have already told you this before...

Rusty Phoenix Motors said...

Yeah, I know... I'm just too lazy to re-upload pics, so I link them from photobucket and thats the size they are. Been thinking about changing the whole blog over to something different, but I dont know what.