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Monday, June 13, 2011

Well shoot.

Havent gotten around to introducing my BIG project yet... but here's an update anyways. I'm working on a '76 Ford F150, the idea being that it will be my "office" (see the "My Office" post a few weeks ago). I've got the motor out, completely torn apart, and at the engine rebuilders for cleaning and inspection.

I also have the truck halfway sanded and primered. The problems here are twofold: One, I'm having trouble find a good, CHEAP, useable bed. Two, the engine rebuilders called and told me my block is wasted. SO... anyone got an early Ford 300 inline six (ford 4.9) engine block or engine they want me to either haul off or sell? As one fellow put it, Pandora's box is opened... Hey, I'm having fun. Right?!

I can only dream of a 300 with the dual carb intake...

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