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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dans Chariot #3- Frame Construction.

Parts came in a few weeks ago for the chariot. 

Seat looks great, very light weight. I think the harness weighs more than the seat! Looks like the harness does NOT bolt to the seat (I figured it didn't), so I'm going to probably have to come up with some kind of frame for it to bolt to behind the seat. Tires are pretty small but seem very stout.

Still need to stop off at the metal place and find some axle material, but I already have the frame metal and borrowed the tubing bender so I can start on it once I decide for sure how the seat is going to mount.

Spent a few hours in the shop today. Did a few practice bends with the tubing roller.

Started doing some figuring. Had an idea about a week ago on how to mount the seat to the frame with a whole lot less headache (I hope) so let's see if it comes together.  Kinda hard to see but the seat is tipped back a bit.  2 reasons for that- move a tad more weight back and also make it a little more comfortable to sit in.  With the seat flat, your legs just go straight out.  Unpleasant.

A few bends in on the main piece.  In the back you can see the angle the seat will be on.

Bending. Almost need a taller ceiling!

Thinkin thats going to be close enough.  Looks awful strange like this, but bear with me for a minute.

Tacked the axle tube on.  Thinking the axle will be a solid shaft inside the square tubing all the way through, still haven't decided how to attach it yet though.

Doin' some more figurin'. The cross braces are going to double as the seat mount, so they need to be in the right spot to line up with the bolt holes on the bottom of the seat.

Paper seat template to get things aligned.

Need 2 pieces like this, one on each side.

Made up the braces and tacked them in. Managed to get one yucky burn through but I can fix that easy enough.

The days work. The seat is sitting roughly where it needs to be.  The wheels, obviously, are way higher than they are supposed to be- they will drop about 8 inches so they are lined up with the axle tube.  Feet will go near the bottom bend kind of where it drops off the table.

View from the chariot.

Not a bad start. Need to locate a shaft to use for the axle still, and it looks like I'm going to have to make up a "roll bar" behind the seat to mount the shoulder harnesses to. Once I get the seat holes drilled and the current frame welded and the hitch made on the end, I'll throw the wheels on there and do some testing.

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