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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dan's Chariot #11- 150 lbs of Beans, Sugar, Flower, and Powdered Milk.

Spent a little time today tying up a few final loose ends. Had an idea for the caster- put it on the tongue! The tongue can be flipped around, so when it was in "bike" mode, the caster would look something like this:

When it was in "stroller" mode, the tongue would be under the seat and the caster would be down.

Decided that would look too goofy so I just made up a new attachment.

Stroller mode.

I sat in it and wiggled all over trying to get it to tip over backwards- no dice. Suppose thats a good thing!

Made up a little bracket to help hold the basket straight. The basket has got to be the chinsiest thing I've ever seen.

Loaded it up and brought it back home for round 2 of testing. This time, I strapped 150 lbs of flour, beans, sugar, and powdered milk to it.

Back from another couple of miles.

I think it will work great for their intended use. It's a little more squirrel y when loaded if you are trying to do HARD stops or starts. I was worried about the tongue flexing too much or bending. It flexes, but I wasn't able to bend it with it loaded and being jerked around real hard so I figure it should be good. Still tracked great, only got up to about 30 mph a couple of times for several blocks.

Finally talked to the owners and we are going to powder coat it. Got to get a hold of the powder coaters around here and see what they are going to charge... Might end up spraying it if it's too expensive.

Getting close!

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