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Friday, February 14, 2014


Wow, busy couple of months.  Seems like there is always something pulling me in 38 different directions.  Time to catch up a little on everything that's been going on.  Will be posting lots (hopefully) over the next few days trying to bring y'all up to speed on whats been going on around the dorkpunch garage.  Stay tuned!

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Shop Teacher Bob said...

I read in this week's Time magazine that Mark Zuckerberg donated $992 million to a Silicon Valley charity. Shame you couldn't get a piece of that action for your program. Makes that $50K you were looking for seem like chump change. It's funny that a guy can develop what is basically just a way for people to waste time posting cat pictures and become a billionaire. On the other hand, someone like yourself trying to teach young men and women important skills and get them started out on the right foot in life is lucky to earn enough to pay the rent but is still running to the hardware store and buying supplies for some kid's project.

Keep up the good work. Those kids need what you're offering.