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Monday, March 10, 2014

Big bucks for our Library

So last year our school librarian and a few other teachers organized a big shindig to compete for a LARGE chunk of money. Check it out here:


and be sure to VOTE!!! You can vote once a day PER email address...

The Follet Challenge awards $200,000 to participating schools. I think the grand prize is something like $60,000- I can't tell you what we could do in our library with that money- considering I think she gets a lot less than a grand a year.  
The project involved every single student in the building.  Our ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher and students were studying the book Treasure Island.  They involved the entire school in research about various islands, the foods classes cooked a "pirate" themed meal complete with hard tack, the woods classes build treasure chests, my classes built Rain Gutter Regatta's  , and everyone had a grand old time.  Check out the video, and help us out by VOTING!  Every day, every email you've got!

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