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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Custom Hotwheel Build: Gina.

Y'all ready for the next installment?

Saved this one from Grandma's toybox.

First thing, need to do something about that missing door and the goofy light on the roof.

Paint, sand, fill, repeat.

Start on the custom base.

Testing out the color on a different body.

First layer of paint and the wheel donor.

First attempt at a new technique. Taped, spray glued,

dusted with sand blaster sand,

and coated with paint.

Close to what I'm going for, but not quite right.

This fun little tool is called a "Nibbler". Works great for cutting out wheel slots on custom bases.

Test fitting.

More attempts at the "Vinyl Top" look. This one should work well.

Ended up masking the area off, spraying a bit of paint, and dusting it with baking soda while it was still wet. Blew off the excess, then re painted immediately. Think it worked great on the car too!

Time for detailing...

Yes, the side mirrors were DANG hard to cut out and attach!

Interior, complete with speakers, fuzzy dash, and tiger striped steering wheel cover.

Undercarriage, with dual exhaust.

And there you have it.

But WHY would anyone take the time to build a rust orange Impala?!


Because it was my first car. Bought Gina back in 2000 from the original owner, with about 80k miles on it, for $600. Drove it hard for 8 years or so, and then it had the unfortunate retiring when we moved to Idaho. Finally got it back on the road this summer.

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