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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Alphatig 200x Tig Welder #2- Setup and testing.

Well I hauled it in to school and set it up. Right off the bat I noticed this...

Plastic grating was cracked on the back. This is sort of in the location of the dent in the box. Figured it was still superficial, so I hooked it up to test it out.

Random info on the side of the welder:

Only took about 25 minutes to get everything out and hooked up, but I did already have an argon tank with regulator for my old TIG welder. The new one is sitting on top of it...

Yeah, I know, it's a disaster. Temporary just to test the thing out.

Business end of the welder:

Dislike #1- This is the power switch. Its a breaker, and it's located on the very BACK of the machine. ???

Dislike #2- the torch spins in the handle where I'm pointing at it. Very annoying when trying to weld, kept tipping and dabbing the tungsten. Not sure what to do about that yet.

Otherwise it does some pretty cool stuff! I have watched dozens of videos and read from several different sources, coupled with my previous "experience" with the other welder. Here are the first couple of (pretty sucky) welds off of the machine.

Best one so far is the last pic, second from the bottom. Basically just trying to figure out what all of the different knobs do. I *love* having the pedal- even though I don't yet quite have the coordination yet to hold the torch, apply the rod, and keep the pedal at the right spot all at the same time. It's fun to be able to dial back the heat but just keep welding. My other welder I could only do ONE of those beads at a time, then I would have to cool the metal, and re-start. All of these I pretty much did one after the other.

Now I just need practice practice practice...

For reference- here's the regulator that came with the welder-

and the one that cost my $60 through airgas.

Several reviews mentioned the regulator as being "cheesy" although it seems to compare just fine to the one I already had.

Only have about 45 minutes of weld time on it so far, lots more to follow I'm sure!

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Shop Teacher Bob said...

Get a couple of the red Scotch-Brite pads and scuff everything before you weld it.

Set the machine amperage as low as possible for the material you're welding which will decrease the sensitivity of the pedal. If the machine is set for 200 amps, the pedal travel covers all 200 - little movement = big jump in amperage. If set on 100 amps, the pedal travel only covers 100 amps - won't be quite so touchy if you wiggle a bit.

Have fun.