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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Custom Hot Wheels- Lickety Split #7

Getting down to the wire, and I needed pics. Had a backup plan and its a good thing too because I wasn't able to get any natural lighting for my pics. Saw this on instructables and copied it- my own light booth. Hacked up a couple old poster my wife made for something or other and made this:

Add a roll of LED's from ebay,

And there you go!

Few minor details to finish up and then its picture time!

Few more details to the interior.

Couple of attempts at making the fin, and that lump will become the scoop for the supercharger.

Wheely bar.

Almost done!

Just have to take the final pics and make some sort of collage.  Well, I may have to add just a FEW more details, but this is basically done!

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