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Thursday, June 25, 2015

I ain't dead yet...

"Just, very, horribly burned..."

No, not burned, but between the bolt of lightning and the sheet of plywood flying down the freeway in front of me I'm beggining to wonder if my days aren't numbered...

So here's the skinny.  Schools out.  I survived the 8th grade Cali trip, barely.  The house is sort of caught back up.  I've taken a "part time" job subcontracting small engine repair for ACE Hardware in addition to all of the other small engine repair jobs I've been putting off until school got out.  We are pushing our house hard- our "new" house is now vacant and we are taking care of the yard etc until we can get our house sold.  Can't wait to get over there!  Lots been going on, lots of things I plan on posting so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, here's whats going down in the dorkpunch garage:

And that's just the little stuff!

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reedandemma99 said...

I think you are pretty busy - looks to me like you may want to train a couple of assistants and name them .. oh I don't know .. maybe Isaac and Kade or something like that.