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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Funky Fierro.

An "update"

Sick of this stupid car. Haven't done anything with it for a long time. Drove it for a while, but it has some funky handling issues that I think stem from out of round tires, dragging brakes, and rotten / loose / misaligned suspension. I suspect it has been wrecked at some point in the past. It's been sitting for at least a year.


Drug it over to the new house / shop, gave it a bath or three, and stuffed it in the back.


It'll probably just sit there for another few months until Dad decides what he wants to do with it. For some reason now it wont even crank- sounds horrible if you try and spin the engine over. No idea whats going on there, I drove it to where it was parked and it has been under a carport, so kinda protected from the elements. Just want this thing gone!

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