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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Operation: Spring Break 2016 #3

Got a few more things crossed off the lists... Remember the old dump truck I borrowed to do the roof last fall? Well... It sat. And the brakes drained out. and the battery went dead. And I've been busy with this that and the other. Had my pa help me get the brakes bled, and we FINALLY got the shingles and carpet hauled to the dump. Yay! glad that parts over with.


High on the list is getting to the floor. Its got some really loose spots- not really creaky, the boards just have a lot of flex. Picked up some shims and started wiggling them in.




Floor feels 100% more solid. Its going to have to be, because I just picked THIS up:


And it will be sitting right about in that spot. Eventually. When its cleaned up. Which may not happen for a long, long time... *sigh*

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