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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mendelmax 2.0 - 3D printed ball cap, letting slicer generate support.

Tried something new today. Let Slicer generate its own support material just to see how it would work. A student wanted to try making a hat, and I thought that was a good idea so here is my version. Pretty thin shell, printed in PLA. Really need to get back to ABS.

Took about 6 1/2 hrs to print, and without the support it probably would have taken 4.

First part bridged with the support material.


and taller,

aaannnddddd TALLER,


Print came out pretty decent. Still trying to get a few more things dialed in but I'm happy with the quality.

The support material was a PAIN to get out. Still have some cleanup to do too.

Ended up cracking the shell in a couple of different spots trying to get it all out.

But hey, IT FITS!!!

Now to make a brim. This one's a bit small but I figure once I get everything figured out I can scale it up or down in Sketchup!

On a side note, as you can tell the hair is getting just a *tad* long...  The day I shaved after being in the play I was informed by my students SEVENTY TWO TIMES that I had, in fact, shaved.  Going to put the haircut off a few more weeks so's I don't have to endure that again!

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