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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Alphatig 200x TIG welder #5: vintagespeed's playing around.

Vintagespeed has been using his welder quite a bit.  Here's what he's been up to lately:

another update. i know my welds aren't great but you can show-off yours & challenge your buddies on IG with #tigcubechallenge

i need to purge better on my SS, learning, learning...



i ordered up some stubby cups & gas lenses from HTP, when they get here i'm hoping to be able to lay down some better welds on thin. and better gas coverage for stainless too.

a buddy of mine challenged me (and the Alphatig) to weld two beer cans together....but i only drink beer from bottles.


it's ugly, but it's getting better. right about when i'd get a nice tight bead going it'd blow out. a couple more tries and i think i'll have a nice one.

the machine does fine on thin. you have to move really quickly and if the puddle starts to spread out, get off the pedal. and keep a VERY close position with the tungsten, what you see in my fail above is too much arc length and not enough speed.

i'm building a girder front fork and using this dyna hub for it, it's going to be a big ass spool hub and i needed to fill some left-over rotor bolt holes after turning it.


dirty, dirty cast aluminum hole filling:

there's extra for re-turning the hub after i drill through the hole pattern from the other side so both sides match:

obviously i dipped a few times filling those holes, hard to get into the bottom and fill solid all the way to the top and i was nervous about packing too much heat into it and blowing a hole. but i think it turned out just fine for a non-critical, non-space shuttle-type of weld. without the Alphatig, i'd just be staring at it sitting on my bench instead of actually getting it handled.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Looks like your welding is getting much better.

What's the fork going to go on?

dorkpunch said...

These aren't my welds. I haven't had a chance to pick up the torch all summer, but I've almost got the welding booth at school cleaned out from using it as summer storage. These welds were done by a fellow over on ADVrider, and I am reposting his experiences with the Alphatig welder here, with his permission, as another viewpoint on how well the welder does.

I *wish* I could do the popcan welding!!! I've tried. Getting closer...