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Friday, January 27, 2006

Tempting Bums!

Toys are a lot of fun. Do you remember having toys when you were a kid that were so much fun that they always got taken away? My brother had a gurlfiend that went to Korea and brought him back an air-soft pistol. Once Mom got sick of the little plastic balls all over the house (this probably took about 3 hours), the gun was confiscated.

Last Christmas, Steve actually found the gun in its original hiding place. We thought this was great fun. The evil glint in my mothers eye when she saw the gun informed us that one toe out of line, one yellow plastic ball left on the floor, and it was curtains for us. Well, I belive it was Christmas day, and the gun was just sitting there, so i shot Steve in the bum. Steve didnt even flinch! Hmmm... I thought to myself, It must not be that strong. So I glanced around the room for another target.

The only target that readily presented itself was the behind belonging to my dear Mother as she had her back turned to me preparing Christmas Dinner.

Steve and I had almost a full week to search for the gun in its new hidding place. It was never found. Y'know, its amazing how fast old people can move when they put there mind to it...

1 comment:

stevenot said...

Once again, what a dork!! As if you'd shoot your own mother! She gave birth to you!! I wouldn't even do that. Well...