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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dontcha just hate it when your boogers freeze?

I sure do. Especialy when they freeze because its been 7 deg F for the last three days. Dang 'rents drug the weather down with em from Canada. What makes it even worse is that i almost had a free weekend and i couldve gone riding. *sigh*. On a brighter note- I got a new motorcycle!! Well, new to me. Steveo, you would like it- its a '71 Kawasuky F6- just like your old one but its a 125. I still think you shoulda hung on to that 250... Why is it that i cant ever let bikes go?

Hmm. Having re-read what I just wrote, I admit defeat. I'm to tired to change it though.... Only 9:30 and its about 3 hrs past my bedtime... g'night. *yaaawwnn*

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