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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Pits

No, I'm not talking about Monday mornings, crappy deoderent, or melancholy feelings. I'm talking about the game. Pit. For some reason, this stupid little game really likes me. Maybe its just the fun of screaming "one one one one one two two two two two two two okay one here who'll take three three three" for an hour. Maybe its the exhiliration of playing with women, who have sharp fingernails and dont care if your hand is in the way of the card they want.

Anways, the 'rents came for a day or two, and we had a great time with them and friends playing pit last night. Hopefully their trip goes better than Steveos (aka goobersuckweasel) trip to Washington. Anyone wanna buy a Mitsubishi Mighty Max?


stevenot said...

Empty MAx runs fine, but it done got saran wrapped last night!! Women!! Why Bother!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are number ONE ONE ONE ONE with us! Love ya.