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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alphatig 200x Tig Welder #4: vintagespeeds welder and review!

So I started a thread over and ADV Rider (found here: http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/alphatig-200x-review.1041922/page-3 ) about my Alphatig, and another fellow there ended up buying one as well.  He gave me permission to share his thoughts and pics of his welder here, so here you go!

Without any further ado, here's what vintagespeed has to say.

So i've had my AlphaTig 200 for a few weeks. the shipping from Amazon was super impressive, i ordered it on a Wed mid day and it arrived at my door for free on Friday. how's that for service? it was well packed and arrived unscathed.

the machine is good looking, has lots of bells & whistles and weighs about 40lbs, much lighter than my MIG. i bought a 120cu/ft bottle of Argon and some 2% Lath sacrificial tungstens and some filler; 4043 1/16 and ER70S-6.


if you're considering this machine, dont even power it up until you have a 240v circuit for it. it's seriously not worth the time to try to use it on a 120v service line, it works but it's not happy. when i finally pulled my 240v and ran it for the first time on 240v it was literally night & day difference, the pedal was more responsive, the arc was cleaner and the machine hummed along quietly even at high amperage. just beautiful compared to the noisy and raspy way it ran on 120v.

when i first got it i did some DC to get familiar with it and was fairly successful so i switched over to AC and spent many agonizing days questioning my sanity for trying to learn something new....but then i did something that opened my eyes. i switched it back to DC and tried to run a bead with it and hated every minute of it! i jumped back to AC and never looked back, welding aluminum is awesome! it's clean, quiet, and enjoyable. this machine really does weld nicely on aluminum, every review i read said the same and they were right.

i've used all the features of the machine and i most like just running off the pedal, but pulse is really great if you turn it up insanely high speed and just feed it filler. it's almost like cheating. i need to spend more time on pulse and try to really tune it in, if i was doing some kind of repetitive task it would be wonderful for that.

i'll post some pics after i make a new batch of coupons to stick together. last night i was just running some beads at 175amps on 3/16 aluminum plate and the machine was quietly humming along at 170hz laying nice pretty, shiny beads.

i'm stoked on it and will report back with some pics and any issues that arise. i'm almost ran out of argon so i'll pick up a fresh bottle next week and keep buzzing away. so far so good!

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