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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do you ever wonder why?

This picture was taken by my Mother while she was over in Mississippi. The question just begs to be asked: "Why?"? What were they thinking? "Oh, I just had some spare cash and hadn't paid tuition yet, so i figured, what better way to get the chicks!". Sorry dude. Just not working for me.

Same thing with Mississippi. My philosophy is that someone had been outside in Alasaka for a couple of days with no coat, had a serious case of the shivers, and was trying to write "my sippy" to their two year old. What with the shivers and all, it came out as Mississippi.

Okay, okay, so I really do like the wheels, the car, and the spelling. I guess I just wish I had some extra cash and a bad case of the shivers!


stevenot said...


stevenot said...

P.S. I like the wheels too. If I had some extra cash, blue dart would be riding nice. Of course, I would have to pull a few of the new dents. I'll have some stories to tell some day when mom and dad aren't listening.

Anonymous said...

Steve!!!! Your have stories to tell!!!! let's talk....soon!