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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gettin my redneck on.

Figure 8 racing!  Missed the first couple of heats but the ones we made it to were pretty darn good. 

4 cylinder class last chance heat getting ready to go.

If you look real close, you can see a Fierro there in the front.

From the last race of the day for the grand prize- 9 4 bangers in a row... Some with some obvious issues, or maybe the smoke screen was intentional?  Quick multi shot sequence from the line to the first corner.  Keep your eye on the 'wagon.

As you can tell, it helps if you have an all wheel drive Subaru wagon...   He made it all the way around teh first corner without any problems.  Several of the others didn't... As you can tell by the backwards car there.  The 'Suby did great right up until the last lap- broke a tie rod and lost his steering. 

'Nuther set-  Things that go *boom*.

Tires, apparently, optional.

Pretty good races.  No rolled cars but lots of bumpin and exploding radiators and tires.  Lotsa fun, even with the glares from the neighbors every time we got with 3 feet of their muddy truck.  FYI- I'm pretty sure the car seat bouncing around in the bed was harder on your paint job than anyone resting their hand on the bedrail...

Anyone wanna donate a car?  I'd love to do this someday!

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