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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dead Dodges.

So about a week before I had to go back to work, I figured it was time to do something about the old trucks in my neighbors field.

Oddly enough, I teach with his daughter, and am friends with him on Facebook. I'd talked to him on FB a few times about this that and the other, but never in real life even though he only lives 1/2 a mile from me.

Sent him a message asking about the old trucks rotting in his field, and he was very amenable to seeing them go bye-bye.

Went over and checked them out- boy were they rough.

The black one supposedly was running before it got "parked". He took it in payment for some sheep he sold, who knows how long it sat before then. The other is anyones guess. There's no oil on the dipstick, and the cab has been really smushed at some point, but it has a decent bed on the back.

So I hemmed and hawed for a while. His price wasn't sooooper cheap, but it was a pretty good deal. I figured worst case scenario- I can get my money back out of them to someone that wants a rat rod. Better scenario- I get the motor running, and if it turns out to be pretty decent I'll put the motor in the '48 Dodge that I inherited- that my Great Grandpa bought brand new and used on the farm. Best case scenario- I get the truck fired up and drive it home, and with a bit of elbow grease turn it into a daily driver.

Yeah, right.

Went back over the next day and sealed the deal. Took some tools and junk with me and tinkered for a bit.

Hooked a battery up, fiddled with some wires, lubed some linkages, turned the key and stomped the starter button. WOW, it cranks! It even popped a bit on starter fluid.

Had my fill of hornets (carb cleaner is an EXCELLENT wasp killer- drops them pretty much on contact) so I packed it in and went home. 

Went back over there another day and began trying to move things around. The rusty one was turned into a fence post and had 4 flat tires. Took a while to get the tires aired up and all the string and barb wire detached- oh, and kill 4 million more hornets.

We did finally get it loose, started to pull it backwards and noticed this:

Guess that tire ain't going to hold any air!!! Kept pulling, and it BOUNceD over the bump each rotation until it finally popped. Got it moved though. 

With "Rusty" out of the way, I could take the rest of the old fence down to get to "Blacky". Backed up, hooked on, and yanked away.

Huh. Guess that wheel ain't spinnin. Probably 'cause it's flat. Only one tire on this truck would hold air.

Resting spot.

Started changing tires and learned something new! Can you tell?

See the "L" on the nuts? Yeah. The drivers side lug nuts are left hand thread.

Even got a little help with this part.

Some helped more than others... Don't know what he's doin in there.

But in the end, they both helped out a fair bit spinning bolts in for me.

Hey! A truck with 4 tires that hold air!

Time to get Blacky home. Hooked up my super lightweight tow bar and headed out.

Remember that dragging back wheel? Well, it wasn't because the tire was flat...

But we did make it the half mile or so home. It helped a lot too once I straightened the steering wheel out on the truck.


Great.  What am I sposed to do with this?!

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