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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Back to school sales for teachers are like-

Back to school sales for teachers are like crosses are to vampires.  

So summer is rapidly drawing to a close. Year 5, hear we come!

Spent some time in the shop today getting everything pulled back out. The janitors are *really* good at stuffing anything loose in every nook and cranny...

But after a few hours it's starting to look the part.

I'm not going to complain though, I get a nice new painted & waxed floor.

Summer has been awesome- the Cali trip was INCREDIBLE as you may have read here, got to put 5,000 miles on my bike, camped, ate food, slept in, worked on various project, you know. All the things your 'sposed to do on a long break.

Looking forward to this year- I'm due for re-certification but I'm pretty sure I have all my credits all ready. As mentioned, I will be looking more seriously at masters programs, with the ideal goal being to choose and start on something within the next 2 years (next summer would be awesome, but next summer might be busy. Just have to see what life gives me).

The break has given me a chance to reflect a lot on what I've been doing and what I want to do in the classroom. I've got some ideas to try out and I'm excited to see if they work, or not. Since we switched from semesters to trimesters, I've still been trying to cram everything we used to do into the shorter time frame, and it's not working. Going to cut a few things but that will give us more time to delve into the specifics of other things. It's a tradeoff, but it's one I think will be worth it.

I've got lists a mile long for supplies needed, things to do, changes to make, and people I need to talk to. Got three more weeks before I am "required" to be there. Hopefully I can get some things checked of the lists and play a bit more first!

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