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Monday, September 23, 2013

Dan's Chariot #7 - Modifications.

Started on some of the modifications. Took it all apart, took some measurements, and hacked the tongue off:

Took a big chunk out of the middle and tightened up the bend.

I will have to straighten the back end of it just a bit, but the theory is the tongue will plug into the trailer "stinger" style, but 90 degrees to the direction of travel, sorta like this:

Although it will be much shorter and have several gussets. Couldn't find a really tight fit for the square, so the tongue will have a gusset / spacer plate on the top and front where it plugs into the trailer to get a good fit. Holes drilled / pins installed so the tongue can be unplugged and eventually a castor wheel of some sort plugged in so they can use it as a stroller. We'll see where it goes from here!

FINALLY got my wife to stay home from school long enough that I could dedicate some time on this project. Crazy first year teachers... She gets home after 8:00 on average.

Cut the receiver down, drilled some holes, and cut some gussets out.

Start welding!

Tongue installed.

Made it a BUNCH shorter. Hope the curve is big enough to clear the tire!

Set it across two tables, and bounced my wussy 175 lbs up and down pretty good at the joint- it flexes a teensy through the tongue, but the receiver and back half of the trailer is RIGID.

While I was doing some welding, I cut the plastic sheet out and got it warming up to do some bending.

In between all of that, I made a few more brackets.

Whew. Makin progress. 

Boxed in the back of the tongue for some extra strength(?).

Stuck it back together...

The frame as it sits so far.

And with the seat and leg pan kinda sitting in place.

Plan on making some aluminum sides for the leg pan to match the fenders.

Left to do... Hmm. Finish the fenders, make some extensions out the back for them, sides for the leg pan, bolt it on, thread the new axle, get all the misc nuts and bolts I need for the seat belts, TEST IT OUT! and then paint. I think. Probably missing 3 or 4 steps still.

Well, now you're all caught up.  RREEALLLY need to get this thing done.  Lego League is going already, so that eats into a big chunk of my time and it seems like all the "extras" I get to participate in this year just because I'm a teacher are adding up quick.  It WILL be done.  Shall I make a goal? 

End of October.  Or else.

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