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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dan's Chariot #8 - Almost ready for a Maiden Voyage!

Man, this artsy fartsy crap sure tears up the time... Made some patterns for the leg pan sides.

Traced 'em on, cut 'em out, and made some edges. Really getting to love the edge forming machine- Being able to roll hems onto curves is great.

It'll sit something like this.

Made the other side too, and here it is sorta sitting in place.

Still need to put a hole in them for bungee cord attachment and I'll do some "racing stripes" like I did on the fenders.

Leg tie down hole and some decorations / stiffener added to the side pieces.

Think it blends with the fender pretty well. Hope I got the lines straight so everything matches!

A trip to the store for longer rivets, and lotsa holes later, its "done".

Going to sit something like this. I like it!

Drilled a few more holes and bolted it down.

Also picked up a few of these bushings at the hardware store and a bunch of nyloc nuts. Re-installed all of the seat belt hangers like this.

Put the seat, axle, wheels, and fenders back on to get an idea of how its shaping up.

I give it 2 thumbs up!

Obviously, it's a little short for me...

The fenders are just sitting there loose. Still trying to decide on the best way to extend them back just a bit more to be totally safe. Have an idea just having a hard time finding the material I want to make it out of. Soon as I get the new axle threaded for the nuts, I'm going to hook it up to a bike and see how it pulls. Maybe strap 3 or 4 50 lb bags of flour to it and see if I can break anything.

Getting closer! We even get a couple days off next week so hopefully more to follow soon. 

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