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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pipe dreams: The future dorkpunch Garage.

Alright guys, looking for a little organizational feedback. In a couple of months, if all goes according to plan, this will be the new dorkpunch garage:

Lets assume we are starting with a clean slate- it's sheetrocked / insulated and has a wood stove and thats pretty much it.

Here's what I'm thinking for layout.

The "island" will be on wheels so it can be rolled around. Would like the lift table to be able to stow under the island or workbench so its out of the way when not in use.

Primary use will be fixing small engines in the summer, but I've got my fingers in about a dozen different pots so I'd like to be able to have a welding corner and / or a "paint booth". For the welding corner I'm thinking of building some portable walls / curtains that can be set up where I want them. The "paint booth" will most likely just be a section of wall with a hefty exhaust fan that I could set the welding booth walls up around too.

Any suggestions as to placement of tools? Air compressor would likely live in the back corner, with hard line run along that wall with several air jacks and a drain at the end. My "big" power tools are all pretty portable- drill press, scroll saw, table saw, and sliding compound miter saw would probably all live under the workbench until needed.

What am I forgetting!?

A lift would be awesome but definitely not in the cards anytime soon. I would probably get more use out of a gantry style crane...

As to the placement of the truck- I have a few "project" vehicles- they don't get moved around much. I was thinking I would put two of them back in that corner, and I would still have enough room to park a mobile vehicle at the roll up door that I could pull out when I wanted space to work.

The house also comes with this attached 2 car carport:

and this old chicken coop that I plan on converting for motorcycle / John Deere overflow storage.

In all reality, it will probably look something more like this, but not as clean...


reedandemma99 said...

Remember, no shop is ever too big

dorkpunch said...

Yes, but that's where the carport, chicken coop, and extra acre come in...

Shop Teacher Bob said...

With the type of work you do, I'd plan for a small metal lathe down the line. I've got a heavy shelf over the top of mine for rarely used manuals, extra tooling, etc. with a nice light underneath it since the lathe is against the wall and the ceiling lights are behind me. A workstand for the motorcycles would be nice also. A few 2x4's and a bit of plywood can make that happen. Forget making it tip - use the ramp I'm sure you already have. A couple of ceiling fans to move the heat from the woodburner and keep you comfortable in the summer.

Hope it all works out for you.

dorkpunch said...

Great suggestions. I would love to have a brake and a shear of my own some day too. Might have to do some way in advance planning for those along with a lathe.

I've got a motorcycle lift table already and was thinking I could build a sturdy enough roll around work table ( / welding table?) that could double as a more long term motorcycle project stand, and just use the lift table to get them up on it.

Lighting- YES. And the ceiling fan. I put one in my current garage that got taken out of our kitchen- one of my best ideas ever. Keeps the warm air down in the winter, and the breeze on a hot day in summer is great.