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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Sentinel Bat

This was my entry in the Batbuild 4.0 buildoff a couple of months ago.  I started out with this casting-

Its called "Screamliner", and I think it is one of the ugliest castings ever to come out of the Hot Wheels factory.  The black one  has had a couple of simple mods and looks great- its missing the big shark fin on the back, the wheels are uncovered a bit, and the windshield was changed just a bit.  The green one in the background is bone stock, just for reference.

Time to do some SERIOUS mods!

Pattern, and some time with the jewelers saw.

Engine donor.

Had to chop the hood off to get it to fit though...

Cut some fins and glued them on.  I was planning on building a custom base for this, but found something that worked sooooo much better!

Test fitting.

Cut this piece out,

to fit in here:

Got super lucky, as it turns out the base with the wheels I wanted to use fits the body almost perfectly with a teensy bit of work!

Interior stolen from a Bone Shaker.

Painted the base,

and detailed the interior.

Detailed the motor.

Mock up.


Test fitting bits together.

Well that's that.

And the final pic.

This was a very fun build.  Fairly simple- no crazy cutting / gluing but I tried out several new things- the scroll saw work with the bat logo was a lot of fun.  Ended up finding a good deal on a scroll saw and picked it up for future projects.  Came out great!

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