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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Santa's Heavy Hauler #1

Haven't posted this yet-  here's the build I did for the Christmas build-off.  "Santa's Heavy Hauler".  Probably my most expensive custom to date- just because of the sheer number of WHEELS...

How to turn these:

into this:

in 3,149 easy steps!

This build was really hard. The "castings" are plastic and I quickly discovered that working with plastic is NOT fun.

VERY easy to take too much off using the belt sander, and the hand files just don't work well with it. My little scroll saw would just melt lines in the plastic instead of cut them. Ug...

Headed in this direction.

Motor donor!

Gluing cabs together.

Starting on the bed.

I discovered that the body was built a little off. Turns out one of the rear fenders is slightly further back than the other. Made it REALLY hard to get everything lined up, and by the time I got to this point I was really not liking how it was coming together.

You can tell I didn't get the rear fenders all the same height, so...

Time to try something different.

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