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Monday, September 14, 2015

The UGLY Car!

Its BACK! Haven't had the Ugly Car for quite awhile since we've been moving and otherwise occupied, but it got dropped off a couple of weeks ago and it'll be sticking around for the winter since I now have a place to store it.

Been havin lotsa fun with it. Even took the boys camping with it!


Sorry to put you through that... They're a little strange and my hair's a little long at the moment...


Can you see it?

Seems like the brakes on the passenger side are not working as good as they should. The drivers real locks up easy, the drivers front will lock up as well, but no skid marks (gravel driveway) on the passenger side. It doesn't pull at all when I'm driving down the road, maybe I'm just crazy? Reason for the curiosity is the "brake warning" light thingy in the dash started to come on when I step on the brake pedal. Any suggestions!?

Oh yeah, and it died on me last week. It was starting to cut out when it was cold, then on Saturday it just quit. Would kinda pop and sputter but wouldn't run. Got to looking and decided I didn't have (good) spark. Swapped the points and condenser with the new spared Dad had left in the trunk and it runs great again.

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