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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cranken 'em out.

Don't think my poor cheap band saw has had this much use in, well, ever.


Cutting parts for the air engine we're making in my Metals and Engines 2 class.  Showed the kids how to use it and they are keeping it busy while tearing this thing apart:


Give 'em some tools and stand back!  It was an old Riso photocopier the school was going to haul to the dump.  I'm scavenging some parts out of it and scrapping the rest.  Have a couple of stepper motors, misc. belts and shafts, gears, switches, wire, and about 20 lbs of screws.


Hoping to eventually turn it into a 3D printer, although if (when) I make the printer, I'll probably end up getting the right (new) parts.  If only I had the $$$.

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