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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ford Blue

One of my all time favorite colors.  In fact, I once painted an entire motorcycle that color.  Plugging away on the "big" project.  I had cleaned up the block a few weeks ago, and am hoping to hone it over the Christmas break.  I had a few minutes and the garage was warm, so I used up the rest of a can of engine paint on one side of the block.

Had to get it nice and warm first...


"Finished", except it needs another coat or two and I didnt do the edges real well because nothing is masked yet.


Santa brought me a little money to put towards this project, but I'm still a tad short to order the rebuild kit.  Hoping to get a few customers projects out of the way, that will give me some money and time to hopefully get the motor back together before school gets out for summer. 

Christmas was great- spent some good time with family both near and sorta-far, played lots of games, cleaned the house a bazillion times, and reach a book or two.  Managed to scrounge up a nice big chunk of brass and a few other things as well as play with my TIG welder a bit, but more on that later.  Still have a few days to play a few more games, do another puzzle (or, watch my wife do it anyways...) and who know what else.  Back to school on Wednesday, see y'all next year!

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