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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun Roads and Finally Home!

Day 5- Last day of consecutive bike trip.

Woke up pretty early. I think we timed the previous day perfectly- we got to the good riding late enough that traffic was at a minimum, and by the looks of the amount of bikes at both ends of this stretch of road, it would have been jam packed during the day.

Hog Catcher, lookin a little tired but ready for the day.

Road a short distance, to the Top of the World.

And of course, Road construction.

Gave us an opportunity to look around so we did. Pretty place!

The pilot car finally showed up. The guy told us it would be 20 more minutes before we could go, pulled over, and promptly fell asleep. We un-geared and went on a quick little hike up the mountain.

Little ways up,

Still going,

Running out of time.

View from the top.

Back down at the bottom. We went up to the top there in the middle.

Got to do a short stretch of dirt riding,

And then we were off! Look what we get to go up!!!

At the top!

Coming down was real fun too. Longish straight stretch followed by a 180 degree hairpin turn. Repeat 6 or 7 times.

Finally down out of the fun stuff.

Red Lodge, MT. Pansy Harley riders had to use hotels.

Apparently was some sort of rally going on, because the town was litterally end to end bikes, the entire length of both sides of the main road.

Past Red Lodge you get into your more typical Montana:

Still fun though.

Went up to Columbus, got on the interstate and road to Bozeman. At Bozeman, we dropped down onto the back highways again and went through the corner of Yellowstone where we had the luck to almost rear end some looki-loo's around a blind corner that stopped to admire the scenery.

Kept on keepin' on, went through West Yellowstone and hit Island Park.

My brothers mother-in-law's (ex)store that the new "owner" had a small accident with. We'll leave it at that.

After an uneventful trip down through St. Anthony we made it back to Rigby, unloaded Steveo's crap, and took one last shot on the hog.

Road with him down to the Harley shop, dropped it off, and went on my way. 25 more miles! Butt was getting pretty sore by this point.

Lava's, that means I'm only about 15 miles away!


WHoooly cow, I made it!

Odo at the end:

Map for the day:

Totals for the day:

Odo start: 58,173
Odo end: 58,616
Total Day 3: 443 miles.

TOTAL: 1,921 miles.

Money spent (Gas, Lunch, Gas, stuff): Estimated $60. Was so tired when I got home I didn't fill out my log.

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