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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Student Torture Chamber.

I picked a blast cabinet from Harbor Freight for school. It came in an really teeny little box labeled "some assembly required". After "some" assembly...

Students kept asking me what it was- so kept telling them it was a torture chamber for the obnoxious kids.  They didn't seem to believe me but everyone wanted to climb in anyways!? 

It was almost ready to test. My shop space is extremely limited so one of my goals this year is to make a bunch of the tools mobile. I ALSO picked up a bunch of casters at Harbor Freight.

This is going to be as painless as possible, so quality may be a bit on the low side but it should be totally functional. Cut some bits of metal out and started welding.

Aint purty, but it fits! Yes, I just zapped the casters on there instead of drilling / bolting.  Time is not a luxury I have...

I'll put a board in there and even get an extra shelf out of the deal. Sits level enough and rolls like a dream. All 4 casters lock, so when its time to use it I'm hoping parking it against a wall and locking the wheels will hold it in place.

The plan here is to have my welding students use this instead of the wire wheel for cleaning slag off. I don't have a good spot for them to be using grinders without spraying crap aaaalllllllllll over the shop.

One tool down, I'll do the parts washer next, then I still want to do the pedestal grinder, bandsaw, and drum sander.  If I get ambitious a few of my tables might end up with wheels too so I can move them around to make more space for working on mowers and such.

Now if I could just remember who built the home made Sand Blaster Vortex thingy out of a traffic cone.  Shop Teacher Bob, was that you?  Can't seem to find it anywhere and I have a feeling I'm going to need the reclamation feature for my sand blaster... 


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Wasn't me - see my latest post.

Mike G. said...

Been using the Harbor Freight parts washer for years. Good one. Even though it say to use only their sopy water mix, I have been using Kerosene from day one. No problems.