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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mendelmax 2.0 Wiring and Electronics

Here's where it gits a bit hairy for me...  Mechanical end of things was cake.  Wiring / electronics / software / coding... Been a while and when I did it before lets just say it wasn't my favorite thing in the world.  Got some bits made and installed. Battery died on my camera, so these were taken with my Ipad- sorry for the quality.

Made an adapter to fit the electronics board to the included mount.  The blue mount is designed for a RAMPS board, I got a RUMBA.  This is temporary, plan on printing one out of plastic when I get the printer going.

Installed. It's spacered up with washers so the contacts on the back side don't ground out.

Made some temporary mounts for the power supply since mine are missing...  Makerstoolworks.com has already shipped me the missing mounts so hopefully I will see them soon!

Turns out this piece doesn't need the t-nut, it holds itself in place with the little hook.

Which means, taking off the front plate like this was totally unnecessary.

Power supply and RUMBA board installed.

Spent some MORE time fiddling with axis trying to get them to run smoother and also running wires. Trying different things out as far as routing... still haven't settled on anything but I think I've got it figured out. I'm going to have to extend a few wires to reach the board...

Took some vids today too.

X-axis operation.

I did also run the wires from the power supply to the RUMBA board. Feel like I have a million little things to do still but I think I'm getting close. Was hoping to get more done in the time I spent on it today, but c'est la vie.

Time Spent on this step: 2 hrs.
Total time so far: 11 hrs. 45 min.

More wiring...

Had to lengthen some wires, add some ends, and route a few more pieces.

Put this cover thingy over the wires from the heated bed. No idea if that's what its for, but it looks good to me.

Got everything sorted out and routed where I think it is out of the way of moving parts.



Now time for software.

Time Spent on this step: 1 hr. 30 min.
Total time so far: 13 hrs. 15 min.

Man, that time sure adds up quickly!

Sorry some of the pics aren't working, I've fixed the account so they should show up shortly...

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