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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NOT 3D related...

That printer is starting to drive me a little bit buggy...

End of the Tri is upon us. Finals tomorrow, shop cleanup the next day, new students on Monday. Ug. Tri's are waayayyy to short to get anything productive done. That said, here's a couple of the shields from this tri's metals classes.


Some of them turned out great. Others could use a little work- mainly on the following instructions end of things. Hey, they're 13 years old! You can't tell, but several have leather straps on the back, a few have hooks for hanging on the wall. Some used rivets to make letters too.

The round one was a real booger to do. Been playing with the edge former and a student asked if he could make a Captain America shield- that's as close as we could get. Rolling the edge was tough, but now that I've done it once I may let a few more do it again.

Awe heck, why not. The *brrrppppp-bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrpppppppp* of the printer tends to draw a crowd...


Getting closer. Troubleshooting a few odd bits but finally getting some prints off of it!

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