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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mendelmax 2.0, latest project and more review!

So here's the project I've been toying with for the last week or so. Been experimenting with Sketchup and all of the cool plugins- taught myself how to skin shapes, joint push/pull, and a few other tricks I scrounged up to make this work.  If you use Sketchup, be sure to stop in at http://sketchucation.com/ and set up an account so you can download all of the free plugins! 

Also have become a lot more proficient at understanding the Netfabb software and repairing exports .stl's. Getting the printer set up and running now has become a breeze, although I am still playing with Slic3r settings trying to get things more better-er.

Helicopter time. There was honestly no real thought put into this effort, and it shows a bit but I think it turned out nice. Started with a blade, printed it, made the next part, printed it, saw how it fit, made changes if necessary, and here's the final product.

Sketchup files:

Printed parts. I made a different tail than the one pictured here...

Get a tube of crazy glue and start assembling.  The shell did require some triming to get to fit right- mainly due to warping.  Getting better at controlling that.

Plan on printing something to replace the screw, but for now...

Again, I've got a different tail now.

And fully assembled with the old tail.

"Finished", for now...

I want to add some turbojet exhaust pipes out the back here some day...

I think the print quality is great!

Learning all sorts of things. Need to keep the bed temps up higher to prevent warping- very noticeable on the body halves. Tolerances aren't quite what I'd like- sometimes printing a 2mm hole the hole turns out more like .5mm if the z-axis isn't set just right for the first layer. More my problem, probably should set up some endstops.

All in all, I'm still very impressed with the capabilities of the Mendelmax 2.0. The quality I think is great, but I don't have any other prints from other printers to compare it to. Speed is very adequate, reliability for me so far has been a non-issue. I have had a few bugs to sort out, but they have all been solely electronics related. The worst problem I've encountered so far with the hardware end of the printer is the belts- the printed tensioner on the y axis tends to twist a bit and the belt started to rub on the side of the frame. Adjusted it once and it's been fine ever since. Still need to install my updated z-axis parts too.

The electronics end of these things seems to be a never ending excersize in tinkering.  I'm forever altering Slic3r settings or trying different configurations with the control board or firmware.  Good think I like tinkering!

My students are working on their Sketchup projects right now, so I'm hoping to start running their prints by this time next week!

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