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Friday, April 12, 2013

Road Bike Love.

Been riding my ST1100 for a couple of weeks now, and finally had some time to test out an idear I've had for side covers.

Cardboard mock ups.

Cutting and bending. I love working with aluminum- soooo eassssyyy to bend. Now if only I was good at it.

Test fit. Not quite what I had pictured, but it will work. I think on this side I'll have to make an "inner" cover to hide just a bit more, probably paint it flat black.

Little more pounding and shaping done. Man, I wish I had an english wheel..

The hard part is going to be mounting them.   My poor old beater has a titch over 54,000 miles on it, so I set an arbitrary goal to put 6,000 miles on it this summer, putting it up to 60,000.  Thats quite a stretch for me- seems like I usually average 2,500 to 3,000 miles a year on bikes.  Have a few trips in mind for this summer but summer break is already starting to get jam packed with stuff. 

On the project roster of things that need to be done BEFORE summer gets here- the Suburban pop top, Dan's Chariot (the handicapped bicycle trailer), and about 5 small engine / mower / atv projects for various people.  Ug.  Almost have to say I can't wait for school to start next year. 

On the bright side, spring is in the air and its nice enough outside to GET THINGS DONE!

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