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Monday, June 17, 2013

Cali Trip Day #3:Like Herding Ducks, at the Zoo.

Have you ever tried to herd a flock of ducks!? Chasing 13 and 14 year olds through a zoo feels a lot like that...

We started the day off with a quick "continental" breakfast in the parking lot by the buses while rooms were checked and keys turned in. Once everything was good, we headed to the San Diego Zoo.

My flock of "ducks"...

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Pretty cool zoo. We started out at the reptile house and things went downhill from there. Got to see all kinds of things.

Yawning pythons,

Turtles?! Not sure I want to know whats going on here...

Even got to see Momma Panda and her baby!

There was a bit of uphill as well, which the "ducks" were quick to take advantage of the free ride.

Thankfully, after all the downhill, we could ride the tram back to the top!

While we were all milling around getting ready to do the behind the scenes bus tour, guess who shows up!? A few players from the NFL Chargers!

The girls swooned, the guys... Well, lets just say the first words out of one of my ducks was "OOOOO, WHERE ARE THE CHEERLEADERS!!!?!?!" No joke.

Behind the scenes tour was cool, saw all kinds of things like a giant sleepy kitty,

(from the tour guide: why does he sleep upside down? because he CAN!)


More kittys,

and all sorts of other things. I also found THE COOLEST souvenir of the entire trip: A propeller hat!

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Seemed like a long day but we actually left the zoo late afternoon for a couple hour bus ride to our new hotel. Got there without incident, got settled in, and had some pool time!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After the short break we loaded back up to eat at Shakey's.

Kinda funny- I think their capacity seating is like 130. We brought 123, and the 30 or so people that were in there sure cleared out in a hurry! Not bad food and a nice break from the days activities. EVERYONE slept well that night!

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