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Friday, June 21, 2013

Cali Trip Day #6: A day of Disney and the looooonnggg drive home.

Thursday morning. Our last day in California. It seems like we've been here a month now, most of us are ready to be home, sleep in our own beds, eat our own food. There are a few who wish it would go on for a few more days.

The last breakfast.

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We woke up and ate in shifts- one bus was still dead (actually, it was on it's way to the repair shop) so we loaded our bus first, took them to Disneyland, dropped them off, and then it went back for the rest of the students.

Finally got everyone there!

The plan was simple- students had to check in with us once during the day, and then meet in the evening to head out of the park. We went on several rides- Pirates of the Caribbean,

Indiana Jones,

And of course ran in to random groups of students all over the place.

Apparently I dozed off for a minute while waiting for our dinner reservations...

But it was worth the wait! Dinner at the Blue Bayou was spectacular!

The day went by pretty quick, and before you knew it we were gathering for the mad dash out of the park. Turns out students make good armrests.

Getting them all out was CRAZY. Not as bad as I had thought it was going to be, but trying to get our group out in one piece was, well, like herding a flock of ducks. ADHD ducks, who have had WAYYY to much sugar! We managed to get them all out, with Mrs. Gordon at the rear. We had a special award for her, as this was her last year to go on the trip. She has been going for 21 years I believe, quite the accomplishment! Congrats, and you will be missed!

After watching the fireworks from the parking lot, it was time to load up and head out. 900 miles, 18 hours, 3 cramped buses. Yay. Students didn't seem to mind- they slept,

and slept,

and slept through breakfast,

and slept some more!

We did watch a couple of shows along the way. We managed to borrow a copy of Twilight for the boys to watch, but they figured it out pretty quick and made such a ruckus we had to switch it, even after we told them it was because Connor lost a bet with Mrs. Lee on the baseball game.

But we *finally* made it.

I guess their parents missed 'em, cause almost all of them were there waiting for us. Only took about 1/2 an hour to get everything unloaded from the buses and to say good bye to all of the "ducks".

Sure got quite in a hurry! Kind of a weird moment. Relief that it's finally over and done with, sad to say good bye, and absolutely ecstatic to be headed home for a hot shower, some more good company, and to catch up on some zzz's in my very own bed.

MANY THANKS to everyone that helped get this shindig organized, but especially to Mr. Southern for his hours of hard work to pull it all together. Thanks for letting me tag along, hope to do it again sometime!

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