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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The long way 'round: Big Southern Butte.

 Managed to sneak away for a few hours yesterday and what was supposed to be a little ride ended up being a little longer.

Sometimes I feel trapped here in South East Idaho- we have a plethora of long, straight, boring roads. If you ride for an hour in just about any direction, you start to get into some more exciting areas but I just never have the time to ride for an hour to get to the good riding spots.

That needs to change. Consider this my exploratory route to see which directions I need to head for the "good" roads.

Lets pound some pavement! Originally, I figured I would ride out to Craters of the Moon and back, past Big Southern Butte. It's about 50 miles as the crow flies from my house, a fair bit further if you get there on roads. The nearest paved road is still quite a ways away, this thing is HUGE.

But you can get fairly close. 'Bout as close as you can get from the highway.

Gotta love the Idaho desert.

Made it to Craters- will have to take the fam out here and hike around for a bit. This is on the back side of the butte from where I started.

Yup, still more boring Idaho desert.

I did finally make it out towards the mountains and found a few interesting roads I'll have to explore in the future.

1,000 down, and only 5,000 more miles to go to my goal for the year!

Pretty uneventful ride, but I did see this off in the distance coming out of Twin Falls.

Not sure what caught on fire, but they were just unhooking the trailer as I went by.

Looped around and hit I-15 for the South view of the butte...

Almost home, with the butte waaaayyyy off in the distance.

Not a bad trip- 302 miles in about 4.5 hours.

Next time, I'll cut off to the North and get up into the fun stuff I hope!

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