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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Vacation part 1- the Great White North!

So pretty much every year we get to go on vacation.  Having family in two different locations means we have to schedule two vacations into one trip since both destinations are *only* 350 miles apart...

This year we started off in Southern Alberta.  Thankfully my parents live far enough south that we didnt have to worry about all of the crazy flooding places like Calgary and High River got this year.  Had some excellent weather, a great family reunion, awesome food, and lots of playing!

What would vacation be though without a bit of "work"?  Suprisingly Dad is still working on getting rid of junk.  At his current rate he should be cone by August.  2079.  He wants to get rid of this old Fargo cab, so I pulled a bunch of parts off it as spares for great grandpas Dodge.

Course, what would a trip to Canada be without driving the Ugly Car?!!?

Parade was great,

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Fireworks were awesome,

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Even snuck in a ride up to Waterton Park.  Only saw one deer though, kinda strange for a trip to the townsite.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Fun was had by all. Many ketchup chips were consumed. Much to my wife chagrin... Had to be done though. After a week in Canada, it was time for a change if scenery.

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Kristi said...

I am so jealous! I wish that we could have been there. You should be glad that your families are only 350 miles apart. Ours are only 950 miles apart. :)