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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dan's Chariot #10- Trailer in MOTION!

Time to get 'er done.

Fender mounts.

Spent some time polishing off all the nasty beads you get when using a flux core wire feed welder.

Frame "done", ready for assembly so testing can commence!

Install basket.

Install foot pan.

Install seat.

Install belts.

Make yet ANOTHER axle... and install it. The smaller rod above the axle is an interference fit, holds the axle in there nice and tight. It can be removed with a hammer and a punch sorta easily if I want to change the axle later.


Trailer hitch.

Ready to go.

Will definitely need a fender on the back wheel.

Turns pretty sharp before the tire rubs on the tongue!

And for your viewing enjoyment, some video. Please excuse my skinny butt...

Really close now!  Need to dig my bike out so I can hook it up to a bike that doesn't have parts falling off of it every 30 feet or so (this is a "school" bike - and has had dozens of 12 year olds working on it...).  Still need to make a caster attachment, but other than that, barring any failures during testing, I think the hard parts done!

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Kristi said...

Amazing! I am seriously impressed! How did i get such a smart brother? :)