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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

John Deere Green, with a chainlink twist.

Update on my John Deere 314 project.
My brother bought a 4 wheeler that came with a plow, so he lent me his blade. Got it all mounted up just fine.

Even tried it out!

There's a big low spot right there that always turns into a giant puddle. The tractor worked pretty good, still need to do some tuning on the carb it seems. After about 15 minutes of work though, I think I busted the bolt I installed in the drive line. Quit moving and had no hydraulics. Got to pull the pan up and check the bolt. In the meantime I picked up this,

So I can mount it at the same time I pull the pan back off to see what happened with the drive line.

AND! Finally went over to my brothers neighbor and settled on a price for some more attachements. I bought a tiller and a blower from him and he threw in a deck for free. The deck is REALLY rough though so I might not end up using it. Not sure what kind of shape the tiller and blower are in but for the price he asked I really don't care as long as they are complete. Looks like I should have everything I need except the belt director box that hangs under the front of the tractor when you want to use the deck.

A few days later :

Went to our local CAL ranch store. Getting real sick of their crappy hardware selection, and on top of that it hasn't been cleaned, sorted, or RESTOCKED in several months so all of the stuff you would normally need is out of stock. AND- No frickin pens to write down your parts. Almost tempted to go pay the higher prices at Fastenal. *sigh*

Anyways, here's what I finally came up with based on the limited selection they had. Just took an allen bolt and turned down the end, and reused the original set screw on the other side. Seems to be a lot more solid.

Got it installed and loctited, set the pan on with some new bolts, and installed the new seat. Again, CAL ranch didn't have the right stuff so I had to improvise a bit, but it is bolted down and not moving.

Now for the fun stuff. Couldn't bring myself to pay the price for a used steering wheel, and mainly didn't want to wait a week to get it so I sat down this afternoon with some scraps and this is what I came up with.

Wrap some old chain around a 5 gallon bucket and tack weld it.

Note- it WILL melt bits of the bucket...

WELD the back side.

Fabricate some spokes.

Attach spokes to wheel.

Improvise alignment tool to get wheel "pretty darn" straight, and tack weld.

Weld it, sand blast it, and wire wheel it.

Slap a coat of paint on it and Bob's your uncle!

You can see where the square piece busted out the center of the plastic wheel. I reused that on the new one- and its pretty much just an interference fit inside the square tube at the center of the new wheel. Might eventually weld it, we'll see how it lasts.


Ran it around pushing dirt / gravel, seemed to work great. Steering wheel is solid, seat is comfy, and I even gouged the blade in hard a time or two and the driveline didn't break! (knock on wood)

Now to get the deck, tiller, and snow thrower down here.

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