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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hot Wheels mobile Workshop.

So I've been indulging myself further into my custom Hot Wheels building addiction and figured it was time for a better "workshop". I go back and forth between my home shop and the school shop so I needed something mobile. Here's what I've been using: A cardboard box lid.

As it happens, I'm teaching a class on sheet metal working and we are building toolboxes right now, so instead of demonstrating how to do things on a bunch of scrap metal or one of the students projects, I built my own.

I changed the dimesnions of mine a bit though, the smaller boxes are demo's from another class I teach and I've got DOZENS of them. Made the big box so the little ones fit inside and act as dividers.

I'm pretty limited by the size of the tools in my shop so one way we get around that is by making the sides separate pieces and riveting them in.

Piano hinge installed on the lid.

Box sides in with a "butterfly" (?) bend. This acts both as a handle on the outside and a ledge for the tray on the inside.

Lid installed. Glad I went through this again- forgot to make allowances for the hinge on my box so I had to do some adjusting. Students won't have that issue now.



Hardware. I mounted my little vice to the top of the lid. We'll see how I like it but for now its on there.

Inside was left grey to make it easier to see bits and pieces.

And hey, its for my Hot Wheels, so may as well put a big 'ole sticker on there, right?!

Not real happy with how the paint came out but that part was a rush job, and its a tool box so it's going to be getting bashed around anyways, right?

Starting on the "organizing" part of it.

Eventualy, I'm going to build a tray for it as well. All of the supplies will go underneath, and the tools will go on top. MUCH better than the stupid cardboard box lid I've been using!

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Frankie Flood said...

Nice! This has me thinking about some custom tool boxes for the Ural now. Thanks for the inspiration...