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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Old School Greene #5

The final update- all caught up now with this installment.

Cleaned the gas tank surfaces up with Acetone,

Bolted it all together,

And filled 'er up with Redkote. Seems to have worked okay, although I think I should kept it moving longer. Have a couple of thick spots I can see, but I don't think they are so thick that I'll have pockets of liquid.

I let that mess dry for about 2 weeks.

Mounted the gas tank good and tight.

Flipped it over, and got it back on skids.

My cup was just a little off. Hard to see, but the weights just barely rub on the side of the cup.

Easy fix, just jammed a big screw driver down there and pushed the side out a little bit. No more rubbing!

Got some brass plugs for all of the holes...

With the exception of the fuel tank drain. Spaced that one, but it turns out an oil drain plug from your standard 3.5 horse Briggs and Stratton fits great! Little on the long side but it worked.


It runs! Need to tinker with timing a bit and then see if I can crank the speed down, make it run nice and slooooowwww....

Fast forward a bit to last week. I had a chance to tinker with the timing and de-crudify the governor tension knob. Now it runs smooth and slooooww, without the clickity clack of the missed fires. Will try and get another vid of that eventually. Still need to put the cover gasket on, and now I need to find an old dead garden tractor frame to mount it to.

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