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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old School Greene #4

...TIME WARP a couple of years here...

Finally found something that will work for the oil screen. Only took me what, 2 years?

Anyone recognize it? Its a sink strainer, think its stainless and came from Walmart. Ole' John is probably rolling over in his grave right now...

It worked great though.

Working on a few other Deere projects but when they are done in the next week or two I'm planning on getting back on this project. Would like to get the thing running instead of being a paper weight.

Took a few measurements and spot welded the cup to the pan. Looks like it should work fine, although I need to bow one side out just a hair so the governor weights don't snag on it.

And in preparation for coating the tank, I painted the outside. Don't think it's technically the right color of John Deere Greene (?) but the tank will be mostly hidden under the engine between the skids. Eventually I'd like to clean the whole engine up and make it look new, but for now we'll just go with the patina.

Borrowed a tap to clean up some threads...

Looks a lot better.

Cleaned up the gasket surface and installed the new fuel line.

Back of the timing cover cleaned up.

Getting close! 

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