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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Old School Greene #3

Still working on getting all of this transferred and sorted out, so here is the latest installment.  

Blasted the tank and it seems to be useable. Couldn't find any pinholes. Going to buy some Red Kote and line the inside unless someone recommends a different product?

My package of parts showed up too. Seems like not very much for the price I paid... But I'm not complaining. Just glad there are still people out there that make parts for em!

Got a little more cleaning done. Still can't decide if I should leave it patina'd or clean it up and put some fresh paint on it.

Still waffling on the paint... Sounds like I've got one of the nicer original paint jobs out there, leaning towards leaving it original. Don't think that'll last, but its harder to un-restore them than it is to slap a coat of paint on it later.

Got a can of Red Kote to line the tank with. Started on a new oil pan today. Base was pretty simple.

The cup took a little more figuring, but I think this'll work. As you can tell, I don't know how to solder... It doesn't leak though!

Going to sit something like this.

Need to figure out a screen, then I can spot weld it on and should be good to go!

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