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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Custom Hot Wheels- Lickety Split #3

Gonna need a great big fat V8 for a drag car, right?  Well, how about a thumbnail sized aluminum block V8?  Will that work?

Block and trans cut / filed from one solid piece.

More engine work. Start of the heads and valve covers.  Exhaust ports were drilled at a bit of an angle so the pipes will sweep to the back.

Some file work done so it looks like there are valve covers.

Start of the blower and intake manifold. Blower was made on the lathe and then cut flat on the bottom.  Manifold was hand filed.

Exhaust pipes.  Made out of 1/8" aluminum tubing.

Still need to trim them down but something along these lines.

Little bit of paint (FORD blue, of course!),

Me likey.

Starting to look like it might show some potential on the strip!

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