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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Riding in Idaho...

The morning commute was great. Mid to high 50's. No wind.  Little overcast but sunny. This afternoon, however, not so great...

Getting ready to leave:

Doesn't look like much until you look out at the field and see all the snow swirling around there in the wind.

Finally made it home.  Fair bit of build up on the front but the roads were just wet and the bridges oddly enough were almost bone dry.

The snow wasn't the bad part- the 30 mph winds + gusts made it less than desirable. It's not even that cold- only about 36 degrees but just a yucky trip home. Apparently, we need to get some longer pants for my 11 yr old son who was with me- his left ankle "was so cold it's about to fall off" by the time we got home.

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